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Irish handcrafted Celtic earrings. Handmade on the Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland by Paul Connolly.

Diamond design from the Book of Kells, emphasising the Celtic Art of Knotwork.
Celtic Knots are pretty famous, they also hold much meaning. The knot was unending and the strands used were intertwined with each other, which symbolized unity and protection. The interconnection of everything in life has also been depicted. The Celts viewed their knotwork as representing the complexity of life,
others thought it may be a covenant, and still to others it could be the path of their destiny.
With each overlapping line Protection against evil was increased. Often, as the monk and scribes decorated the illuminated manuscripts, such as the Book of Kells and the Lindisfarne Gospels,they would create these intricate knotwork patterns.
Though most do not have any particular meaning,
it was thought that the monks used this time of concentration to pray and meditate.

The dark hue of the contrasting etched Celtic design compliments the craftsmanship of these Celtic earrings.
Handcrafted Celtic jewellery from Ireland by Paul Connolly.
Ideal ladies Celtic gift from West Cork, Ireland.
Highly polished brass.
Earwires are of non-allergenic surgical steel.

Size Width 2cm. Length 24mm.

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