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Irish handcrafted Celtic brooch. Celtic pin handmade on the Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland.

Celtic design from the Book of Kells.

Intricate Celtic knotwork on this circular Celtic pin gives good example by the Celts of using mythical reptiles as ornaments in their Celtic  art.

Paul assumes this is a serpent.

Due to its unique characteristic represented by the cyclical shedding of its skin, the serpent was the Celtic symbol of rebirth and was widely referred as an immortal creature that came to life each year after hibernation, complete with a new skin.

The serpent is also both a phallic symbol and, paradoxically, a Celtic symbol of feminine power.

 A handcrafted piece of Celtic jewellery from Ireland by  Paul Connolly.

The dark hue of the contrasting etched Celtic design compliments the craftsmanship of this Irish handcrafted brooch.

A handmade Celtic gift from Beara, West Cork, Ireland.

Beautiful Irish jewellery, handcrafted by Paul Connolly.

Pin with safety catch.

Highly polished brass.
Size 3.5cm. diameter.

Pre 2018 Paul Connolly was previously trading as Aqua Fortress.

Rebranding was launched at Showcase, Ireland’s Creative Expo, held in Dublin, in January.

Paul is a member of the Crafts Council of Ireland and participated with the Cork Local Enterprise Board.

Two decades of experience has proven him to be a master craftsman, producing quality affordable genuine Irish products.

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