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Irish handcrafted Newgrange spiral barrette.  Newgrange spiral hair slide handmade on the Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland.

Newgrange spiral Celtic hair clip handcrafted in Beara, West Cork, Ireland. A quality Newgrange Celtic hair accessory.

Celtic artwork, derived from the Newgrange Stone, adorns this unusual shaped piece of Celtic jewellery from Ireland by Paul Connolly.

The Triple-Spiral, otherwise known as the “Spiral of Life”, is found on many ancient Irish stone carvings – the most famous of which is Newgrange, found in County Meath, Ireland, which dates back to 2500 BC. Most scholars believe the spiral of life represents the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. Others say this deeply mystical symbol represents the male, female, and child on the path of life. Another interpretation is that it also represents the Triple Goddess. A triple spiral motif found on Celtic tombs is drawn unicursally (that is, in one continuous line), suggesting a cycle of rebirth or resurrection. (this hypothesis is bolstered by the fact that many of these appear to be deliberately placed where they catch the first rays of the sun on the solstice). The sun, dying and rising every day, is a natural symbol of rebirth, and the triple spiral gives an obvious connection between the solar symbolism and the nine months of human gestation.

The symbol also suggests reincarnation- it is drawn in one continuous line, suggesting a continuous movement of time.

Suitable Irish gift for ladies.
Highly polished Celtic hair slide, the dark contrasting hue of the etched Celtic Newgrange spiral design compliments the craftsmanship of this Celtic gift for ladies from Ireland.

8 cm clip.

Free postage.

Pre 2018 Paul Connolly was previously trading as Aqua Fortress.

Rebranding was launched at Showcase, Ireland’s Creative Expo, held in Dublin, in January.

Paul is a member of the Crafts Council of Ireland and participated with the Cork Local Enterprise Board.

Two decades of experience has proven him to be a master craftsman, producing quality affordable genuine Irish products.

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